Winter Wonderland

Welcome to the special holiday edition of the captain’s log!

Things have gotten hectic around here last week and I forgot to post in this blog! So now here are some team updates. For those of you not living in the Western Oregon area, we were hit with freezing temperatures that left our roads icy and dangerous. As a result, the Bunnybot competition was delayed until December 30th so that the roads could clear. Our robot drivers have been practicing hard and are ready for the competition!

FTC is also moving towards their competition season and the robot is physically complete with the exception of a few adjustments as testing and driver practice goes on. They are currently working with the coders to debug the robot and get it driving smoothly!

The next time I post will be for FRC kickoff and this blog will switch into a weekly blog. The puns will stay for those of you concerned.

Pun for the holidays:

Where do snowmen deposit their money? In the snow bank!


Happy holidays!

Captain Olivia

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