We Get Knocked Down, But We Get Up Again

Welcome to week three everyone!

This past week we presented our prototypes and used them to choose the best design for each sub-system! Our design team is working hard to integrate all the sub-systems, but experienced some setbacks due to the complexity of the design. This pushes our robot completion deadlines out by a few days, but not to worry. Setbacks happen all the time during build season and part of the challenge is working to overcome them. Our team was able to reconvene and decide on a change of plans that allows us to move forward without major schedule changes. Hooray for overcoming obstacles!

Meanwhile, you may have noticed our new logo on the website! We created it primarily for our t-shirts but felt that due to its simplicity and adherence to the Spartan theme, it should become our new official logo. The laurels will still be on the back of the shirts as well as on our heads, but be on the lookout for the new logo at competitions! Another new thing on the website are the buttons on the right that link to our social media pages. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for pictures and videos of what we’re doing!

This next Saturday and Sunday is also the FTC competition! Although our FTC freshmen have become integrated into the FRC team for build season, they are still excited to compete with their robot and I look forward to sharing their results with you!

Keep checking in for more updates!

Captain Olivia


Pun O the Week:

What’s a cat’s favorite movie genre?



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