We did it!

Hello, welcome to the Captain’s Log.

The end of the 2017 season has come to an end. Due to a variety of reasons, this log is a bit late. Since then we have gone to the PNW District Championships, where we captained an alliance and made it to the semifinals. This performance qualified us for the World Championships in Houston, Texas, our first appearance since 2014!

After a bit of last-minute fundraising, our team flew into Houston. Worlds was a great experience for the team. We got to meet a variety of international teams, including teams from Brazil and Israel! Our robot did very well at competition, being selected as a 1st pick. This is the best our team has done in a season since 2010!

Once we got back from Houston (and took a much needed break), we did our yearly retrospective, where we addressed what went well and what needed improvement over the previous season. After this, we handed the baton over to next year’s team. Part of this includes new team captains! Lyla and I (Tevan) will swap off Captain’s Logs. Now that school is done, both meetings and Captain’s Logs are going to be less frequent than during the regular season.

Have a good summer,


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