Team Update

Hello everyone! It’s been what, five months since anything’s been posted? Sorry about that. We’ve had a few things to worry about, but now that we have a chance to breathe I figured that I’d write this. So after regionals we had the Buffalo Wild Wings fundraiser  on the last day of school in June (amount raised pending). Fast forward about a month to the Philomath Frolic and the Cycle Oregon Fundraiser (which we made $750 off of). A week later was DaVinci days where we revealed Shelby, a turtle robot who would mist water at unsuspecting children. Here are some pictures (thanks to Autumn Greenley):

We then had the co-captain elections, where it was decided that Zachary Lee and Daniel Zhu would lead the team. After that was the Pastini’s fundraiser on August 5 and 6 (amount earned also pending), which was a lot of fun. So now we have about $12,000 out of the $22,000 that we need. In order to raise the remainder, we need to hit a bunch of local businesses and see if they can donate just a little money. Some other ideas include a haunted house fundraiser and a paintballing fundraiser (what are your opinions on this? Post them in the comments.), as well as a couple more car washes. Meetings are starting up again on August 20 and will run every Tuesday and Friday until build season, in which case meetings will be every day. I hope that all of you have a nice, slightly cloudy day.


  1. Autumn says:

    Thanks for posting an update to the website! It’s a fine summary of the past few months.

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