So Close You Can Almost Taste it

Hello everybody and welcome back,

Exciting news! Bunnybot is nearly complete. The drivetrain has been finished and electrical has attached all their components to the board and is wiring them as I type! Our goal for the end of today is to have a driving robot, which seems doable as I now hear the sweet sound of gears and wheels running from the other side of the room. We still need to mount the nerf gun and attach the bumpers, but after that we’ll be ready to practice driving!

Another big announcement: We have decided to build a practice robot this build season! Building a practice bot requires more work and resources, but we decided we were ready this year. A practice bot can be used to train drivers and iron out kinks before finalizing the design on the competition robot. I am personally very excited to see how this pushes our teams competitiveness to the next level!

Meanwhile, the FTC team has a near complete robot; they are still waiting for a few parts for the drivetrain. FTC code is nearly complete and we hope to have that robot running by the end of this meeting too!

Pun of the Week: Like butter, we’re on a roll

Captain Olivia

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