Off to a Good Start

Hello all! Welcome to the captains log.

There are many exciting things have done and will be doing this fall. The school year has begun and the robots fall season has gone great. Training of new members has been underway since September. The integration of new members to the team is always fun.

The first event that we did this fall was Girls Generation. It was on the 7th of October, so just this past weekend. It is a competition that is hosted by Catlin Gabel School up in Portland. The competition is the game from the previous year so in this case, FIRST Steamworks. The goal of this competition is to get girls involved in their teams by requiring female only drive teams and pit crews. Basically the only people that can do stuff with the robot are girls. The young men on the teams are encouraged to come and support their team mates. This year was a blast even though our robots climber was uncooperative. We ended up placing 16th and did not get picked for alliance selection. We stayed positive and wowed our competitors with our spirit. Our drive team worked very well together and even though we didn’t win, we still had fun. It was a great learning experience overall.

The next thing we are planning to attend is FIRST Fair on October 21th. FIRST Fair is put on my Gladstone High School in Gladstone. The point of this event is to learn through classes that are put on. There are many to choose from, ranging from project management to drive trains, electrical systems to game analysis. It is a great resource for new students who are interested to learn more about FRC and for robotics veterans to hone specific skills.

The final big plan for this fall is participation in the Bunnybots competition put on by Catlin Gabel School in Portland. The create a game every year with the common theme of a stuffed bunny. This year the game called Hide and Seek. At the beginning of the match 10 bunnies are placed in 20 buckets on each side of the field. The buckets can be arranged in whatever pattern the team would like. Then the robots will attempt to get as many bunnies in contact with the carpet on their side of the field as possible by the end of the match. We have embarked on this journey to create a robot to compete in this game. We began game analysis on the 1st of September when the game was released. At this point we are in the design process. I am eager to to see how it will turn out. The competition is on Saturday, December 9th.


Lyla Stout

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