2016 Strategy

Dominant Alliance Strategy:

Description:  Two robots working to breach the defenses, while simultaneously ferrying balls from the neutral zone into the opponent’s courtyard, occasionally scoring from the defenses if chance permits.  The third robot is strictly focused on scoring (mainly high goals) on the castle so that it can be captured in the end game.

Justification: Optimal, this strategy focuses on RP from breaching and winning, breaching is the fastest, most guaranteed way to get RP and in-game points in both qualifiers and finals.  Flexible, should another bot be required to deal with a problematic scorer, the secret passage is a short distance away. Scarcity, there can (and probably will) be few boulders on the field, with not many in the opponent’s courtyard, having two primary scorers is a suboptimal use of resources as much of their time will be spent retrieving balls.

Robot Strategy:

Description: In autonomous mode, we will breach a defense then score in the high goal.  We will spend the rest of the game breaching defenses until 4 are down.  While breaching we will ferry balls over to our courtyard from the neutral zone, scoring when it is easy and possible.  If we get all defenses down, or the opponent’s castle vulnerable, we will take the end game to capture the castle.  Plan B:  We will function as the primary scorer if the two robots we are partnered with are highly capable of breaching.  When boulders are scarce, we will retrieve them from our secret passage way.

Justification: Self-Reliance, we can reliably get 1 RP point per match, and get enough points to set ourselves up to win the match.  Flexible, if our alliance is composed of capable breachers, we can score.  High Scoring, more points and less time to score (more opportunities per match) when going for high goal, even if less reliable.  Also can score from untouchable position on Outer Works.

Requirements (in priority order)

  1. Achieve Breaching by ourselves during the match
    1. Deal with 4-5 defenses including low bar
    2. Quickly traverse defenses
    3. In auto mode cross a defense
  2. Surround the castle (Climb onto the batter)
  3. Gather and transport boulders
    1. Quickly intake and expel
    2. Maintain control at all times
  4. Score boulders (low goal)
  5. Score boulders (high goal)
    1. From safe zone [touching outer defense]
    2. Score from any point between the outer works and the castle on a straight line
    3. Almost no prep time to score boulder once aligned
      1. Quick and Easy alignment
  6. Hang from Castle (end game)

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