Just Rolling Along

Welcome back to the biweekly Captain’s Log!

This week we are busily machining and assembling parts for BunnyBot. We got a little behind in our schedule, but our whole mechanical team is working hard to catch up. Meanwhile code is coming along and about 50% done. Electrical has been working to modify our nerf gun so that we can fire it using a controller.

Over in FTC the code is completed meaning the robot can drive! Hooray! Other than minor debugging and some more construction the FTC bot should soon be ready for competition.

Another side note: Our project management subteam is trying something new this year to keep us on schedule for build season. We’ve created a massive poster laying out each week with sticky notes denoting subteam deadlines. Our hope is by having a fluid rough draft combined with close communications with subteam leads will create a final draft everyone agrees on and can successfully follow.

Pun o the biweek: Where do generals keep their armies? Up their sleevies!

Happy daylights savings!


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