It’s Too Late To Apologize

Welcome back everybody!

As the title says, apologies are in order for this captain’s log being late. A mixture of robotics and personal events kept me busy yesterday, so here I am on Sunday!

As we get into the thick of build season, we have some good and bad news. The bad news: This robot is incredibly complicated. Our design team has been working insanely hard to fit everything together in the limited space we have, but it will take longer than we anticipated. The good news: We have machined out all the time consuming long pieces and have the practice robot’s drivetrain fully built, right on schedule!

Software has been working on several different projects including PID control for our shooter, vision tracking, and improved encoder control. Vision tracking in particular is making enormous progress and currently the camera can target onto a reflective strip and tell how far away it is. I’m excited to see it implemented on the complete robot!

Electrical is using their tetris skills to fit all the necessary electrical components into the dense mass that is the robot. The stakes are high as well as the victor stacks.

FTC had their competition this weekend! They ended the qualification rounds 21st out of 26 teams and were picked by the fourth seeded alliance. Although they lost in the semifinals, we are proud of what our freshmen were able to accomplish. Especially considering they had to tear apart their whole robot a few days before competition after discovering a bad wire that was causing many mechanical woes. I admire their dedication and problem solving in the face of such a challenge and that they were able to get their robot up and running in such a few short days!

As I stated in an earlier log, robotics is full of best laid plans going astray. Our schedule has had to go through modifications as we begin to see what our chosen design entails, but the secret to success is never to throw in the towel and give up. Keep working, keep following the schedule, and keep loving your teammates because they’re going through the exact same thing and will understand.

Keep it classy,

Captain Olivia


Pun O the Week:

What do you call a deer with no eyes?

No eye deer


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