It’s Been a Long Day… (Well months)

Hello and welcome back to the post-hiatus captain’s log!

Due to a family emergency and general catching up on schoolwork (oh yeah, that still exists), I have forgotten to update this blog since the end of build season. So what have we been doing since then? Quite a bit. After a quick break after Bag and Tag, we began to prepare for competition season. This involved using our practice bot for driver practice, code changes, and mechanical changes. In the meantime, Marketing and Media team was working to make banners and signs for our pit sporting our new logo. There was also work to create binders detailing our safety and design procedures to show to judges.

Our first competition was March 9-11 in Wilsonville. We had a strong showing and ended up placing 11th by the end of the day. We were selected by the 5th seeded team and went on to play in the quarter finals. Sadly, we were eliminated there, but we learned valuable lessons about how this year’s game is played and what strategies other teams use.

Our second event was in Oregon City on March 23-25. Thanks to what we learned from Wilsonville, we were able to improve our performance. We dropped our shooter altogether and focused entirely on improving our gear collector. This time, we finished qualifying matches placed 5th and got to pick our alliance! Again we were defeated in the quarter finals, but we won the spirit award and the safety award runner-up.

Now we have officially qualified for District Championships in Cheney Washington which will be streaming this Thursday through Saturday. So tune into and search “Pacific Northwest District Championship 2017” to watch the livestream of our matches! We are leaving tomorrow morning to start the eight hour drive to Cheney.

Happy Trails!


Pun O’ the Month:

A man entered a pun competition with his best ten puns.

Unfortunately, none of them won. No pun in ten did.

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