It’s a Brand New Day (Well, Season)

Exciting news!

Today marks the official kickoff day for the 2017 FIRST Robotics Challenge! And this year’s game is even more revolutionary than the last. I will be including the game reveal video in this blog post, but wanted to discuss my first thoughts on this year’s game, FIRST Steamworks. Steamworks adds two new elements never before seen in a FIRST game. The first element is two human players who are located on a platform which is actually on the field. The second is the end game which consists of robots climbing over a foot off the ground on a rope. I am very excited to watch this game actually being played!

Due to the winter storm sweeping through the valley, our school district closed all the schools over the weekend. This meant we could not return to our room after kickoff to start our season! Thankfully, a local church kindly allowed us to use one of their rooms for the day and parents braved the icy storm to bring us meals. So a big thank you to Grace Lutheran Church and all the parents for their kindness!

Despite the snow, our first day went even better than expected. We analyzed the game rules and discussed strategies to score the most points. We then debated each strategy and voted on the specific functions we want our robot to have. We moved so fast, we ended ahead of schedule and will be starting to talk about design by tomorrow! Our goals for the end of the weekend are to decide on a drive train as well as designs we want to prototype and teams assigned to each prototype. Looking at where we are in our schedule, we will easily meet those goals.

Now we just have to hope we don’t get snowed in tomorrow.

Captain Olivia

Pun O’ the Week:

Why should you never rely on a snowman?

They’re flaky.

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