Houston, we have Kickoff

Hello Spartan Robotics family,

We’re back in business! Build season has started once again, and we’re getting back in to the swing of things. Everybody was up early on Saturday the 6th to see.  Everyone was very excited after seeing the teaser for FIRST Power Up a few months ago. And finally, the game has been revealed. It contains power-up cubes which must be placed on switches. Placing more cubes on your side of the switch tilts the switch in your favor, earning your alliance points every second. The game also features power ups which can be activated to assist your team during the match. And finally, the match ends with robots climbing a rung to face the boss! More information on the game itself can be found on the FIRST Website and in the video below.

The first week has been going fantastically so far. After the kickoff event, we quickly began with our normal kickoff weekend procedures. Game strategy discussions were very productive, and the team was quickly able to decide on the most effective strategy. Day 2 and the robot design discussion also worked well, helping the team make their prototypes. The prototype development ended up progressing very efficiently, and we already have designs planned for most of the robot. Finally, the design subteam has been working tirelessly and is ahead of their design schedule, allowing part fabrication to begin early. By the end of week 1, we have already finished machining major portions of the drivetrain! On the whole, the season has been running very smoothly so far. I’m just as excited as the team for a fantastic remainder of the season.

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