Gonna Race it to the Ground

Hello and welcome back!

Big news: Bunnybot is now up and driving! Yay! We are currently in the process of choosing a drive team who will be using Bunnybot as a way to gain experience for the actual competition. Bunnybot is still not entirely complete as we still need to mount the nerf gun to it. That should be on by the end of the meeting and after that, our robot will be ready for a race! Until the competition, we will be driving Bunnybot like crazy to make sure our drivers as well the robot can take the wear and tear of competing.

The FTC robot is also driving and has a shooter to fire the balls into the high goal. Once the shooter is properly calibrated, they will also go into driving practice. I’m so proud of what this small team of freshmen has been able to accomplish. The robot looks great and we eagerly await their competition in January!

Pun of the Week:

Who delivers present for cats? Santa Claws!


Captain Olivia

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