Girls Generation @ Catlin Gable HS

With each new month come various events and experiences, and October is no exception for Team 997. On Saturday, October 10th at 6:00 AM, several of our members will be heading up to Portland to participate in an event called Girls Generation. This event serves to promote the integration of women into robotics and to encourage more girls to join robotics teams throughout the northwest, as well as providing a great opportunity to train newer team members. The girls of the team will get to learn about- and gain experience with- what competitions are like, what scouting entails, what the pit crew’s responsibilities are, and how the subteams to which they belong are incorporated into different aspects of competition. They will learn the nuances of last year’s game- in this case, Recycle Rush– and what the limits, strengths and weaknesses of the robot are. It is a great experience and a way to become familiar with other northwest teams, and all male team members are encouraged to come and cheer on their female teammates!

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