Final Countdown

Welcome back to the Captain’s log!

This is another late night log due to a mix of scrimmage and catching up on homework that was put off due to scrimmage.

This year’s scrimmage was wildly successful! Every team made it and most were able to have the robots functional enough to make it on to the field! Everything ran smoothly and teams left with a mental list of improvements and tweaks that needed to be made. For everyone who volunteered, team 997 thanks you for allowing us to make this happen. A special shout-out to team 2990, Hotwire Robotics, for helping us set up and tear down the field. You guys are amazing!

As for how scrimmage affected our team, we learned quite a few things. First, we are amazing climbers! We can easily grab the rope and climb up in a matter of seconds. However, we need to work on our shooting and gear placing mechanisms as they aren’t very accurate (yet). We also discovered a major issue with out electrical board. The FRC rules state that when a robot is inspected prior to competition, the robot inspector must be able to easily see the status lights on the radio and power distribution board (PDB). While our radio was in plain sight, our PDB was hard to see. We were able to go back to our shop the same day and alter the electrical board so that it is in compliance with inspection rules.

We are in the homestretch of build season with bag and tag on Tuesday night! Tomorrow, Monday, and Tuesday will be spent finishing up our competition bot and preparing it to be bagged. The good news is we will still have our practice bot to use for code testing and driver practice, so be on the lookout for more Captain’s Logs on that leading up to our first competition!

Over and out,

Captain Olivia

Pun O the week:

What kind of dog is always sad?

A melan-collie

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