Building a Bunnybot

Good afternoon everybody and welcome to the Captain’s Log!

We’re excited to say that the Bunnybots project is well under way. All of our subteams are getting into gear and working hard. The robot is almost fully designed, mechanical has begun machining and assembling the robot, electrical is planing and testing the control system, and software has code ready to test. This year’s Bunnybots robot will be able to pick up bunnies and buckets off of the floor and flip buckets upside down over the top. We are very excited for the Bunnybots competition this year and would love to see you there! The event will run from about 10 to 5 on Saturday, December 9th. More information about the event, including a complete schedule, address, and rules, can be found on the Bunnybots website,

Our Bunnybots robot so far!

I am really loving the energy from the team so far. Going into build season, we always want have a team will work well together, and also work as a small robotics family. Interaction and communication within and between subteams are critical for a successful year. So far, the team is working together very well. Beyond that, we have a dedicated group of kids who are working hard but still having fun. I am looking forward to a very successful 2018 season with the team!

See you at Competition,


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