Hard at Work

Hello everyone,

As the fourth week of build season comes to a close and students finish up their midterms, Spartan Robotics has been hard at work. Despite heavy school workloads, we have achieved many things this week.

At the start of the week, some volunteered for the FTC tournament at OSU, helping with things ranging from field setup to pit management. This year’s game is Relic Recovery, a game consisting of (hence the name) relic collection and glyph placement/management. All of the participating teams performed amazingly well, presenting new and creative ways to solve the challenges they faced.

Furthermore, through dedicated teamwork, we have successfully completed our practice bot drivetrain, allowing for us to test some code and other functions of our design with a drivable robot. Utilizing our practice field and various game pieces we have constructed in combination with this, we can now make progress and solve issues more efficiently.

The following week will be a busy one as we finish up our practice bot in preparation for our scrimmage this coming weekend and begin work on our competition bot. With the hard work we have been putting in, this season will most likely be a great one for our team!


Have a great week,

Ethan Boggs


  1. Julia Frothingham says:

    Yay Ethan!

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