Big Wheel Keep On Turning

Welcome back everybody!

Big news since the last captain’s log! Because of our four day weekend and the end of finals, our team has been working harder than ever! This means we’ve made headway in a bunch of our projects, including the robot itself.

First on the non-robot side, business is approaching completion on the business plan as well as our Woodie Flowers essay. Marketing and media has finished our steampunk themed banner and it looks amazing! I look forward to see it flying over our driver station at competition. Another group has been analyzing each award description and brainstorming ways to meet the award criteria. Part of this effort will be creating a detailed design manual explaining each step of our design and decision making process for the robot. There will be a section focused on each subsystem as well as a section detailing some our new control systems such as vision tracking. We hope our efforts will wow the judges and earn us some lovely awards.

Meanwhile on the robot side, mechanical has been working full tilt to manufacture and assemble both robots. The framework, gussets, and bottom of the hopper have been completed for both robots and are fully attached. Code has been continuing to work with the shooter prototype and were able to get it shooting ten balls at a time with about 80% accuracy. Today electrical wired the practice bot and we were able to turn it on AND DRIVE IT! Yay! Tomorrow we will be driving the bajeezus out of it to check for any potential issues such as chain breaking. I’m very happy with the team’s progress and can’t wait to see the practice bot fully complete and running!

It’s all good in the robotics hood,

Captain Olivia

Pun O the Week:

What do you call a deer with no eyes and no legs?

Still no eye deer

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