Archive: Work Time

At robotics, we got things done. Mechanical has been machining parts of the robot. Design has been fine tuning their design. Programming has been working on programming for the robot. While marketing and media worked on buttons and t shirt electrical worked on the electrical board. The robot is coming together! (Pictured) Floyd Moore, Devon […]

Archive: All the Work, and None of the Time

We’ve had a productive first week here at Spartan Robotics, Design finished a couple of prototypes and have been designing the robot. Mechanical has been getting their supplies in order, ready to build. Electrical already has a mock electrical board and is trouble shooting. Programming has begun writing code for the robot. Marketing and Media […]

Archive: A Bold Beginning

Build season has started once more! We’ve spent the last few days designing the parameters and strategy that our robot will follow this year. It has been productive. Right now the sub teams are planning their work of the robot. Business has been working on chairman’s, electrical is planning the electrical board, design is starting […]