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Build season has started once more! We’ve spent the last few days designing the parameters and strategy that our robot will follow this year. It has been productive. Right now the sub teams are planning their work of the robot. Business has been working on chairman’s, electrical is planning the electrical board, design is starting to design the robot using paper and cad, programming is making sure they know what’s going to be on the robot before coding so they can plan ahead, and marketing and media is designing our banner. We hope to have a productive season, and so far that is exactly what has been happening.

Kick Off

(Pictured) Caleb Ferguson, Sam Navarro, Floyd Moore, and Anthony Cardinelli researching possible endeffecters for the robot

Summer 2015


It’s been awhile. It’s time for the summer update in the Captain’s Log. What have we been doing this summer? That’s a good question.


We got a new room to build robots in. It’s roomier, spacier, and has 2 microwaves, we got over the old room pretty quick. Right now mechanical’s working on fixing up our robots for the past two years for girls generation and outreach events. Programming and Design have been setting up pc’s for to use, and business has been working on prepping fundraisers. Speaking of that: Fundraisers and Outreach have been doing many outreach and fundraisers over the summer. Like car washes! Many cars showed up to our car washes, ensuring everyone washing cars. We also sell light bulbs at the Saturday Market, which is going splendid. We’ve also been doing outreaches! Like revamping the gardens of Franklin Middle school We demonstrated our robot to elementary schools and summer camps throughout the summer and late spring.

That’s all for now folks, see you in the early weeks of September as school starts!


5/1/15- 5/8/15

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