And We’re Almost There

Hello and welcome back the to captain’s log!

Got any plans next Saturday? No? Well then come to Corvallis High School on the 18th for scrimmage! For those who don’t know what that is, scrimmage is a practice competition our team hosts that allows teams to come and test their robots on a full field before the end of build season! We will have a small practice field as well as a half field where we will hold matches so people can get a feel for how the game will actually be played. This year the event is especially popular and so far 26 teams from all around Oregon and Washington have signed up, including three rookies teams! This is a free, all day event that is open to the public. We hope to see you there!

With scrimmage coming up, we are working hard to make sure we have one complete robot we can test. Our goal is to finish the practice bot this weekend in order to allow a full week for code testing and drive practice leading up to scrimmage. Meanwhile, mechanical can shift their focus to finishing the competition bot so we can bag it on the 21st. So far, the practice bot just needs more assembly on the gatherer, shooter, and superstructure. Regardless, we will have a robot ready and next week’s log will be all about scrimmage (hopefully with some photos!)

See you at scrimmage!

Captain Olivia

Pun o the Week:

What’s a ghost’s favorite fruit? Boo-nanas.


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